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Accidents happen, but accidents don’t always happen when your dentist’s office is open. A dental problem is never fun, even less so if it occurs after hours, on weekends, and holidays. If you have an injury to your teeth or mouth, time may be of the essence. Not only do you want to relieve pain, but many dental problems need immediate treatment for proper healing. You don’t want to have to wait until office hours. Ackerman Towson Dentistry offers Emergency Dentistry services in Brentwood, CA and the surrounding area.


We’ll Help You Grin, but Not Have to Bear It

Don’t wait around and bear the pain. Reach out to our helpful professionals. At Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood, we’re here for you. We’re happy to help any time of the day. 

When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Calling 911 is usually the best first step in getting emergency treatment. 


What is Emergency Dentistry?

Contact us any time you have questions about a dental issue. Some common dental emergencies include:


You can often wait for non-emergency service if you have a toothache. In some cases, the pain may quickly become unbearable. Some conditions should be addressed quickly, including tooth decay and gum disease.

When you feel a toothache, call us as soon as possible. If you need emergency treatment, reach out to our emergency dentistry service. Until you get help, here are a few things you can do to mitigate the discomfort:

  • Apply a cold compress
  • Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as Tylenol
  • Rinse with saltwater


Broken, Loose, and Missing Teeth

Your teeth can crack, break, even fall out. These situations can be very painful, and you should seek immediate dental help. 

Here are a few precautions to help you avoid a broken, cracked, or displaced tooth:

  • Wear a dental guard when playing sports
  • Take care when biting into hard or sticky foods, especially hard candy, popcorn, chewing ice
  • Use scissors, not your teeth, for cutting tape and opening packaging



Infection can be a dangerous condition in or around your gums and teeth. If you experience swelling, pain, redness, and general discomfort, you may have an infection. An infection definitely warrants emergency dental care. Reach out to us. We can help prevent the infection from spreading and causing further problems. 


Have a Plan in Place

It’s good to know how to handle an emergency dentistry situation before it happens. Help is only a call away at Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood. Have our number handy, as well as the numbers of other emergency helplines. Be familiar with our location so that you can get to us quickly when you need help. 


Stay Current on Your Appointments

A great way to avoid emergency dentistry is to stay current with routine dental checkups. See us regularly for evaluations and teeth cleaning. Keeping your teeth in great shape can keep the emergency doctor away.


You Don’t Have to Wait for Emergency Dental Care

Holidays, weekends, and after-hours are meant for enjoyment. Unfortunately, treatment for a dental condition can’t always wait. Our emergency dental services provide you with the care you need when you need it. 


Exceptional Emergency Dentistry in Brentwood, CA

At Ackerman Towson Family Density in Brentwood, we believe in exceptional, friendly, comfortable care. We go well beyond the care which might be available from your average dentist. Exceptional dental care includes after-hours service for emergency dentistry. 

We’ll go the distance. We’ll put in the hours required to keep that smile healthy, functional, and beautiful.