cosmetic dentistry Ackerman Towson Dentistry dentist in brentwood, oakley, antioch california Dr. Kevin Ackerman, DDS, BS Dr. Eric Towson, DDS, BSAt Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood, we get it – you want to look and feel your best. We want to help you build the beautiful, white, healthy smile you deserve. Our highly-trained experts and helpful staff are dedicated to the utmost quality and care when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentistry practice in Brentwood can improve your teeth, gum, and mouth aesthetics.


What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Teeth whitening, fillings, implants, veneers, and more dental options can improve how you look and feel about yourself. This look is customized by our dentists and yourself. We’ll work together to achieve your cosmetic goals.

We are Here to Help you Every Step of the Way.

Cosmetic dentistry is a huge decision that you should not take lightly. You should take time to think about what makes sense long-term. Cosmetic dentistry should involve extensive planning and thoughtful decision-making. The work we perform can take some time. The great thing is that the results will last a long time. We will help you feel confident about those results. 


Great Possibilities

If there is something about the appearance of your teeth or mouth that you’d like to change, come talk to us. We will ensure we understand your concerns. We will provide an informative consultation to help you understand the options and treatment approaches. We will answer any questions you have and offer advice and recommendations. Lastly, we will ask you for input on your vision. We are confident that you will trust our skills, knowledge, and expertise. 


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Bad for Your Teeth?

We would never perform a procedure that is bad for your teeth, which you are not comfortable with, or that includes pain beyond your tolerance level. We will always take the health and safety-conscious approach. 


Our Philosophy

At Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood, our goal is to do what is best for our patients. We perform only those procedures that are in line with professional and ethical dental conduct and standards. Any procedure should be as minimally invasive as possible. We perform only procedures that align your cosmetic goals while prioritizing the health and function of your teeth. 


How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

It depends on your treatment preferences. Your treatment will be unique and specialized to your goals. During a consultation with one of our friendly, professional staff members will help you understand the cost. Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in your smile and confidence.


Know in Advance how you Will Look

We can work with you to “interactively” design and achieve your cosmetic goals using digital technology. We will copy your existing teeth and form before and after representations. This technology enhances our expertise and helps you make the best decisions. 

Our comprehensive approach will consider the whole aesthetic spectrum, not just your teeth. We consider possibilities for your eyes, lips, gums, smile, and entire face. Once the important decisions have been made, we will put the vision into reality. Your cosmetic dentistry will be sculpted like pieces of art. We will ensure they match your natural teeth and enamel beautifully. 


Your Smile is one of the First Things People Notice.

We strive to make your cosmetic dentistry experience comfortable and positive. We want you to love the result. We will make sure your teeth are the work of art you want them to be. Cosmetic dentistry can help you express yourself with confidence and can reflect the inner beauty you want to shine bright. For more information about cosmetic dentistry or to make an appointment, call our office today